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Well my opinion is – the company makes billions of dollars and suddenly, when the mess has happend because of their recklessness and profanity – they have to pay. Look at all these Americans suffering from the mess BP caused- these are common people not billionaires, some of them are fishermen, some of them are ecologists, some of them are hotel owners etc. and they about to loose everything because of BP. The real catastrophy caused by BP is about to make thousands of Americans unhappy, they will start drinking vodka and go to a Social Security office for foodstamps. So let billioners of BP pay them instead of US Government!

I own the moving company, and every day I have phone calls from American-born guys looking for any job, like mover, truck driver, helper. This business is very hard, You have to carry somebody’s beds and dressers like 12-14 hours a day, and I do not think this is a job for American citizens. So where is the good job for all these guys with American passport, the jobs like police officer, top-manager, movie producer, fashion photographer etc? Somebody tell me! But if somebody feels he is able to work – just give me a call – here are some websites with all the information. We also can move with 10% discount everybody who suffering from the oil spill.

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